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Off-White was only founded more than four years and put on many fashion icons, which make this brand very hot suddenly. The joint products with Nike further conquer the whole fashion circle.

Virgil Abloh is the founder and designer of Off-White, becoming an excellent designer in the fashion area due to the upgrading of Off-White’s selling amount.


Off-White is not the first fashion brand that is founded by Virgil Abloh. The first one is PYREX VISION, we can still look at the shadow of it from Off-White. But in 2013, PYREX VISION was closed and launched Off-White.

Up to 2016, Off-White published the industrial belt that encourages the idea of industrial instructions to boom.


Not long ago, the joint series of Off-White and Nike used this industrial instructions’ design which prevails the whole fashion field. In addition to the joint products with Nike, which continues dominating the topic heat. Another single one also is exposed during fashion week.

Off-White should be the youngest fashion brand, spent a short time in occupying the European and American streets from creating to being hot.








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