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Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost shoes true and false identification summary

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See Adidas Yeezy shoes appearance details:

1.Genuine Adidas Yeezy shoes insoles as shown above,adidas positive and negative brand logo.In addition to check the edge of the insole and the back of the mark imprint, etc. are neat and clean,note:Insoles front fabric surface should be as shown below,it is a clear and regularly textured antibacterial fabric layer,the impressions of adidas and yeezy are printed well and their edges clean and crisp,and pay attention to the comparison format is wrong.

2.Genuine adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 shoes insole came out,you can see the heel in the bottom of the details as shown below.Note:The center line should be in the position shown in the figure with a fixed dark webbing and can not be removed,stitching at both ends of webbing,midsole suture area of heel is not large,only about 20 needles fixed suture.

3.True and false Adidas Yeezy shoe midsole contrast details as shown below,left true right leave.

View adidas Yeezy shoes shoes and shoes box packaging and so on.

In addition to the usual special formatting,pay attention to authentic Yeezy 350 Boost V2 shoes standard,easier to see the two details of the point:


1.MALE format, such as M’s internal seam genuine clearer,the letters A and L will not stick together,letter E is more slender,fake letter E is wider.

2,The lowest figure of the shoe should be significantly shorter than the letters,and many Yeezy Replica Shoe  shoes sign in this place,the letters and numbers are the same.

Genuine adidas fake yeezys shoes side of the packaging carton label as shown above,there has the European code ,US code and China code, such as shoe size label,and style, color, origin and other information.Should pay attention to whether the physical match,also compare the printing format is the same as above,such as the format of the right bar code,under the middle French”Made in China”font format is discrepant and so on.


The picture above is 350 Boost V2 shoebox side label true and false contrast,above fake below true.Note:Label in the paragraph number CP9654 words,the first letter C should correspond to the letter B above,the fake shoebox label above,the letter C corresponds to the letter O above.In addition,note the sign of the character in the upper left corner of the Yeezy 350 Boost V2 shoebox label.As shown in FIG,left true right leave.The character’s neck and head should have a very close bump,while the right fake shoebox the same location,The neck of the character is flat,and the head distance is too large.

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