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How to identify authentic adidas yeezys shoes?

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Yeezy shoes authenticity identification method:

See adidas Yeezy Boost shoes appearance details

1.Genuine Adidas Yeezy shoes front as shown above,inside the midline part of the alignment line until the top hand touch inspection,the appearance of the hourglass thick seam sewing method has a similar hand effect,neat and regular,and about the shoes should be consistent.And many middle and low fake yeezy  here you can see at one glance the surface is not smooth,traces askew,woven midline and other issues.In addition,genuine adidas Yeezy shoes lace hole is very small,you can not see the holes after attaching the shoelace,overall more compact,some fake shoes with holes is larger,after the overall feeling of some loose

2.adidas yeezy boost v2 shoes side view,we can find the pattern toward of shoes to the side,in the heel position should be significantly upward,create a sports lines of Dynamic forward,and a lot of the general fake shoes side lines are flat,lack of dynamic.

3.Genuine adidas Yeezy Repilca shoes heel area,as shown in FIG.Note:Ribbon square fixed position and the shoe edge should be 1 cm distance,distance is too large or too small are not right,the square suture at both ends of the ribbon should have 5,the middle of the ribbon rectangular box should have 9 red spots,the ends of the webbing are parallel to the heel pattern.

4.Genuine Adidas Yeezy shoes soles detail as shown above.Note:The middle of the boost buffer appearance is not smooth,there should be seven star points in the figure shown in the red dot group.But cheap yeezys  in this position you will lack the corresponding particle point,even the surface is smooth,cheap plastic feeling.True and false soles contrast as shown below,left fake right true

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